What is a real page-turner? It may either sound like the novel has met the minimum requirement of a good book or the book was exciting enough that the reader could not put it down.

How then should an author keep the readers hooked? It is all because of depth and emotion which are given life and meaning through solid development and other significant components that span all forms of writing.

The ultimate thriller read is the one that will definitely scare and literally thrill the readers out of their minds. It should also keep them glued to the pages of the novel until they will reach the last page. A good thriller novel should undoubtedly contain the elements or tricks of a hard-to-put down novel. Below are some tricks which should help a writer create a remarkably amazing thriller novel that the readers will have a hard time in putting it down, not unless they have reached the last page.

  1. Thriller pacing – it should move like a starving animal. It doesn’t drag the reader down. Instead, it careens forward with a sense of uncontrollable energy and enthusiasm. The story should move wherein every episode ushers the story forward.
  2. Punch of danger – it should have an unyielding amount of danger. There should be constant pitfalls. These are deep, dark and deadly pitfalls.
  3. Escalation – dangers and challenges should lurk everywhere. Make things worse for the characters and let them wallow in fear and the peril of darkness. You need to complicate matters and add more layers.
  4. Cliffhanger – you can use this throughout the work. It is like an array of surprise boxes each full of risks and uncertainties.
  5. A hint of mystery – fill your work with big and small mysteries. Each chapter should contain an ounce of mystery for it is the question that keeps the readers in awe and suspense.
  6. The pivot – this is where the twist enters. It moves from one side to another. This act is an act of surprise for the readers. This makes the readers feel a sense of urgency, confusion, excitement and uncertainty.
  7. Misdirection – misleading the readers to the identities of the characters or the setup of the scenes. Tension builds up when one doesn’t know who’s who and what’s going to happen next.
  8. Suspense – the content must be bold and unpredictable, making readers wonder as to the flow of the story. It is how the author plays with the turn of events in the novel.
  9. Surprise – leave a room of excitement and surprise for the readers. This way, the enthusiasm never goes down, instead, the level of anticipation and expectancy will really soar high.
  10. Breath – the story needs to slow down too. It is in this manner that the story breathes. This is the part where context and reflection set in.

Your thriller novel should go beyond fear and excitement. It should contain emotional resonance which will bring everything to life. When thriller works, readers are agitated by an overwhelming feeling of fear, curiosity and anxiety. Their hearts are pumping hard and their nerves are tingling. They’re strongly invested in what happens next. And that’s the secret of a page-turning thriller novel.

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