A thriller novel is often associated with suspense and heart-pounding plots, but it is the central characters that normally captivate our hearts and make the readers want to read more.

One of the most important aspects of writing a thriller novel is the creation of the central character(s). It is true that no matter how good the story is, without outstanding central characters, the thriller novel will not attract the attention of the reader or will not be retained in the reader’s mind. The central characters will be the ones to pull the story along and to whom the readers will empathize with during the whole duration of the story. Creating thrillers characters is arguably the single-most essential part of a thriller novel.

Most books have one character while others have two or three (or more). Either is fine as long as the viewpoint of the story has not been changed since the character(s) is/are the central point of the action. It is important to create strong central characters which the readers can relate and care about. Strong and powerful characters are crucial in writing a thriller novel. One can borrow traits from real life but simply the perfect characters are conceived from a deeper human comprehension.

So how does one go about in choosing the central characters of a thriller novel? Is it best to search and create characters that one has met or known or should one simply rely on his/her imagination?

Let it be known that characters, strong and convincing characters are the heart of a great thriller novel. It is and always will be. It is imperative that a writer must create convincing characters. Otherwise, he/she will fail in his/her quest for an impressive thriller novel. As a matter of fact, characterization is about how a writer perceives what a true human being is. Thriller characters should be memorable yet believable characters that the readers will root for. Good thrillers will always have interesting, engaging characters who will convey the purpose of the whole story. The characters should be complex and intricate and possess a full and detailed life story. Simply make the characters complex and specific as well as unique.

Usually, characters in a thriller novel include rapists, criminals, prison inmates, convicts, psychotic individuals, terrorists, criminals, fugitives, psychotics, stalkers, people with dark pasts, stalkers, lunatics, drifters, schizophrenics and more. Also, a writer may consider the impact a character’s name has on the readers. Everyone who is going to make an appearance in the story is given a name and accounted for. What’s really in a name? A whole lot if you’re a writer. Almost always, a character’s name summons a powerful image in the mind of the readers. Most often, writers have a hard time in making or coming up with the perfect names for his/her characters. Names will always have a great impact on the readers and stick long after the novel has been read. Names have always intrigued and fascinated people ever since and have created first impressions.

Lastly, you must know what your readers will expect with your novel especially the characters you introduce.

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