Writing a book may be as easy as ABC. However, it’s one thing to write a book and another thing for the book to sell. A person may have a million excellent ideas for a thriller novel but without fail, they usually disappear when it’s time to sit down and write. Sometimes, the human system just fails to cooperate when it is needed. Moreover, brainstorming over millions of ideas just seems to be daunting.

Thriller is probably deemed as a complex and intricate genre. A thriller is a story that gets the adrenaline pumping, heart racing and emotions peaked according to literature. That alone makes the thriller genre legitimately broad. A thriller novel is written to give readers an electrifying experience. Unlike other genres of fiction, a thriller novel gets its own distinction due to how it makes the reader feel. Everything in a thriller novel is outlined to stimulate and generate a feeling of excitement and out of this world escapade. Thriller ideas may come in all shapes and forms. From these complex ideas, you may trim it down to the most marketable and saleable. That way, you will be able to identify the ones that will catch the attention of the readers right away.

An element of research goes in every novel that is written. It is not just about the topic but the most important component is the content. You may try to consider spending some time by comparing similar existing novels in the market when you’re trying to develop your ideas. Check what you want to include and exclude in your novel. You may read the reviews and negative feedbacks or constructive feedbacks. This way, you may be able to grasp what readers really want in a thriller novel. The feedbacks and reviews will enable you to substantially gather information and collate related facts that will extensively help and give you the ideas for a successful thriller novel.

Here are some great ideas for a thriller novel:

  1. The hero is trying to stop a disaster or catastrophe (it can be nuclear, medical or environmental) that has spread out of control.
  2. A crime is about to happen or a current crime that has blown out of proportion.
  3. A secret conspiracy of enemies (political or criminal organization) has been discovered.
  4. Court case that has an oppressive outcome.
  5. An investigator follows the clues to the secrets of an old asylum.
  6. A Nazi occupied place with the heroes trying to escape.
  7. A detective who haunts for clues regarding a serial killer in the area.
  8. Telekinetic power of an aloof and distant teenager.
  9. The mystery behind the Catholic ideology.
  10. A professional assassin hired to kill the President of the United States of America.

The best ideas are those that will evolve into excellent stories. Unforgettable stories that will linger in the minds of the readers. Always remember that thriller ideas are the root of the novel. From these ideas stemmed the creation of a magnificent storyline and a remarkable work of art

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