Thrillers are nowadays so popular. In fact, thriller writing is on the rise. Believe it or not, over half of the New York Times fiction bestseller lists are often filled with this category.

Thrillers are written to give readers a roller coaster ride. A thriller novel is written with the purpose to keep the readers on the edge of their seats. This genre should shock, mesmerize, fascinate and keep the readers in complete anticipation from beginning to end. Suspense must rely considerably on the same standards as good writing. Good writing in the sense that readers will be able to relate what the characters are trying to impart and achieve. As compared to other genres of fiction, thriller gets its name due to how it makes the readers feel. Every ingredient in a thriller novel is patterned to generate a heart-pounding, hair-raising and blood curling experience. One can tell if the purpose of a thriller novel works. The readers will be agitated by terror and apprehension accompanied by pounding hearts and shortness of breath.

It’s a must that a thriller novel should be what fear and terror are made of. Actually, there are several guidelines and tips on how to write an explosive and powerful thriller novel. The following are the vital ingredients when it comes to writing a thriller novel:

  1. First and foremost, you have to “write what you know”. It should be fact surrounded by fiction. There should be a fine balance between truth and tale.
  2. Stay with the dark. Go as dark, deep and tough as possible. It needs to be scary and frightening.
  3. Grab the readers by the throat and don’t let go. The vital part is the opening page, paragraph or chapter. Don’t sacrifice style but stick with the action.
  4. Don’t write likeable characters. Likeable characters are boring. Your characters should make mistakes, think fast and badly and be wild and dubious.
  5. You need to have a good story. Know which theme fits your story. Always remember that readers want to be thrilled.
  6. Confrontation. This is where the hero and the antagonist battle over the high stakes that a thriller concept demands.
  7. Make your characters miserable. Give the readers grief, anxiety, misery, heartaches and anguish.
  8. Careening. A twist is a vital component of a thriller novel. The quality of the twist determines the credibility of the book.
  9. Build to an exciting climax. This is the moment when the stakes are the highest and the story is at its point of tension.
  10. End with a high note. Finish the novel on a high and suspenseful note. Focus on ending the scene that will keep the readers guessing and wondering.

Once you have created the recipe for a good thriller novel, there’s great assurance that you will keep your readers in a state of tension and agitation until the last page. This will be the moment that will make your thriller creation from an entertaining piece of art to an unforgettable masterpiece.

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