Thrillers as per definition appeals to how “thrilling”, how much suspense, or how exciting a story is. It all is in how the plot is being played. This leads to thrillers having crosses with all possible genres creating tens to hundreds of varieties, from the very common Action thrillers to the newly emerging, and absolutely gaining some kind of trend, Psychological thrillers, which are now part of the common and trending few. All of these only mean that an action-romantic-comedy thriller is pretty much possible “e.g., Keeping Up with the Joneses” (is it?). To be honest, variations of thriller are all over the place, but here are a few varieties of thriller that you will most likely enjoy.


Action Thrillers

Guns, runs, hide and seek (OMG! what if he gets caught?), and definitely lots of action plus the suspense that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. This is pretty much just action and a sprinkle of suspense. More common in movies than in writing, considering, that with audio–visual stimuli it is easier to produce these “thrills”.


Horror Thrillers

Well, people are very creative and because of that some horror movies can’t be classified as thrillers, but gladly, most of them are. Although, not all the so-called horror thrillers are really horror thrillers. Understandable because, this, after all, is one of the most produced subcategory, which most of the time is being forcibly filled with mysteries and the unknown, e.g., ghosts, exorcism, and dolls, yes lots and lots of dolls. You’d be lucky if they’d explain how it all got to that scary point in the first place.


Psychological Thrillers

The type of thrillers that just seem to be naturally messed up. This is where most boundaries are being crossed, from the mental instability or psychopathy of the characters to the dark complicated relationships that they experience, and even questions of moral ambiguity. It doesn’t have to be supernatural to be scary, reality is where all those thrills and scares are really coming from. And sometimes, it only takes one wrong turn.


Science Fiction Thrillers

From Aliens to Zombies to Another dimension? If you fancy those words then this is for you. All the interesting Sci-fi elements with the addition of mystery, scare, and suspense. Sci-fi thrillers are best for those who thirst for something new, something with a bit more elements. A complicated plot, a fresh setting, some science, and a lot of new ideas are what a Sci-fi alone is composed of. Imagine flooding it with more mystery and suspense! Will you ever be able to stop reading or watching such works of art?


Mystery Thrillers

I must say, most relationships, especially the new ones, are perfect examples of a mystery thriller.

“She’s quiet. Did I do something wrong?”

Nothing is more thrilling than knowing about knowing that you knew nothing. Well, mystery thrillers are good at keeping you in a blind spot and guessing, but who doesn’t want to guess and maybe even guess it right? From deadly puzzles to mysteries of religion, mystery thrillers are a league of their own.


There are still plenty of varieties for Thrillers out there. Thrillers in general are already great, but who would’ve thought that we’d be getting more?


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